In Situ is the title of my Senior Thesis. It addresses the subject of home & how memory can alter & affect what home is. The poems within the collection stem from memories, images, & daily observations.

From my Critical Introduction A Conversation, A Farewell:
"When one misses home it is called being homesick; to be ill from the absence of your home. From the place you are familiar with, return to. Nostalgia—with nostos, the Greek word for homecoming & algia, the ending that means pain—a term used to describe the pain of missing the familiar, the past, the home. It is usually a sentimental term, but I use it in the medical sense. To have such strong ties to the past that one is uncomfortable, that it causes the body to ache.
There are many reasons why one would miss the past or their past home. For me, it isn’t a matter of missing, of regret or dissatisfaction with the present. It is a matter of home & the memories tied to a structure. A structure that can no longer be called home. Home is a place that we leave & come back to. But what happens when there is no return possible. When we can’t go back."