Sanford Biggers | Sweet Funk: An Introspective

I recently wrote a piece for Gnome Magazine on Sanford Bigger's show, Sweet Funk: An Introspective, at the Brooklyn Museum. I went to visit the exhibition at the end of October & was given permission to photograph pieces in the exhibit. I wanted to wait until the piece was published to share these images.

This was the first time I was introduced to Bigger's work. Through his work he tries to reclaim & reconfigure images & themes associated with Black culture. This is evident in his usage of the wide mouth grin, which alludes to black face, or trees, which speak to the history of lynching. Other themes, such as jazz music & the piano, speak more about the contributions African-Americans have made throughout history. Sweet Funk is made up of nine sculptural installations, with a focus on Blossom (2007), which the museum recently purchased. Please read my piece to learn more!

Blossom (2007)

Lotus (2007)

Kalimba II (2002)

Still from Cheshire (2007)

Calenda (Big Ass Bang!) (2004)