I've been pretty terrible at keeping this place alive. Excuses aside, I'm making a vow to update more. So here are somethings of interest:

  • Last week I visited the Met's new galleries of Islamic Art. However, since I was camera-less, you can enjoy this old picture that was the background on my blackberry. I highly recommend visiting the new galleries--I enjoyed seeing something new at the Met & the illustrated manuscripts are amazing.

  • I never was much of a gallery go-er, but that's starting to change. On my last outing I went to David Zwirner to see On Kawara's date paintings. I want to do a more in-depth post about On Kawara's work, so for now I'll just post this one photo. 
  • Still working on this series, expect a post soon
  • Since I am so good at keeping this updated I started another tumblr: thepoint&theline. Follow it for more art. Also follow my regular tumblr teeth&things if you're up for it.